Circus is the jewel in our shiny crown

Come One Come All to one of camp’s most popular departments! ILC Circus is comprised of three program areas – the circus building, flying trapezes, and gymnastics pavilion. All offering a full spectrum of skill levels, where no one is turned away from the fun.


ILC’s circus-enthusiast campers join a creative environment that builds a passion for learning. Kids are instructed at a level that is appropriate for them, progressing through individualized goals with safety in mind.

In addition to two lake-side flying trapezes we have a full indoor circus program. Teaching these activities are multi-talented staff members that have passed a comprehensive training program.

ILC Circus fosters invaluable experiences in a structured learning environment, but we never forget the crazy, zany fun that embodies circus. The circus is a fantastic place for kids to build their self-confidence and get to show off their accomplishments by producing a crowd-favorite show – amazing parents every summer!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Flying Trapeze
  • Static trapeze & Lyra
  • Spanish Web
  • Silks & Hammock
  • Unicycle
  • Hula hoop
  • Acro, Human Pyramids & Handbalancing
  • Juggling, Poi, Diabolo & other Manipulations
  • Rolling Globe & Rolla Bolla
  • Group Bike Act
  • Tight Rope & Balance
  • Clowning & Ringmaster
  • Step Right Up!


Girl performs on aerial silks at summer camp
Campers perform on outdoor trapeze


Just like our indoor circus and our trapeze programs, gymnastics offers activities with high quality staff, facilities and equipment. They encourage campers to reach their greatest potential, support fitness with teamwork, strengthen multiple learning domains, and are always full of laughter!

The gymnastics pavilion is a space to practice physical prowess on uneven bars, balance beam or tumble track. It’s full spring floor and complement of mats are perfect for tumbling, bouncing, stretching, handstands, cheer, & parkour. It is also used for extreme dodgeball or a full-on obstacle course. Gymnasts who are just starting out and those who practice regularly will all find a home here.

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.Oliver Wendell Holmes