Special Event Days

Performance Day: Our Parents’ Day!

Performance day occurs on the last Saturday of each session.

  • It is on this day that campers get to show off what they have worked on for the past two or three weeks in their primes.
  • Please see our Sample Performance Day Schedule below so you can get an idea of what the day looks like. Updated schedules for each session will be emailed to camper families.
Campers perform magic show for audience
Audience watches campers' magic show performance

How Performance Day Works

The first performance starts at 10:45 AM. Please do not arrive before 10:00 AM as our campers and staff are busy preparing for the big day. Cars are not permitted on campgrounds beyond the front gate. Upon arrival, park in our main parking lot (or where our staff directs you) and check in at the ILC Welcome Center. The final performance begins at 5:00 PM. All visitors should leave camp by 6:00 PM.

Tips and Rules for Performance Day

(& any other day you are visiting camp!)

  • Wear Appropriate Footwear: Our beautiful campus is over 300 acres so be prepared for a lot of walking! Please wear appropriate footwear for some of our uneven and rocky walking surfaces. The ILC trolley will be running all afternoon between the Lakeside and Elkview campuses.
  • Food Service: Lunch will be available for all campers and visitors in the dining hall.
  • Leaving camp: Any camper leaving camp for any reason must sign out at the office AND tell their bunk counselors.
  • No Pets. (This includes handbag dogs.)
  • No Smoking.
  • No Cars on camp (Park in the parking lot.)
  • No Dangerous Items. (It may seem obvious but we are obligated to tell you not to bring drugs, alcohol, or weapons onto camp.)
Campers dance during 4th of July celebration
Campers release floating lantern

Theme Days!

There are days each session where holidays are celebrated (4th of July, Bastille Day), Evening Activity competitions extend throughout the day (ILC Olympics, Battle of the Bunks), or we continue some fun camp traditions (Love Letter Day, Twin Day)!

See our document on Special Event Days & Trips for more specifics.