Independent Lake Camp Mission Statement:

To Respect

and celebrate diversity: honoring people for whom they are, in an open-minded and open-hearted spirit of trust, acceptance, recognition, and kindness.

To Create

a safe, supportive, exciting summer of discovery during which campers experience and connect to people of all ages and backgrounds, and in the process, connect to all aspects of their own diverse selves as well.

To Understand

that “fun” and “learning” should be synonyms (especially in summer!), leading to greater physical, emotional, and intellectual skills, comfort levels, and pride: observable gifts of growth with which the child returns home.

To Challenge

counselors, staff, and all who work with our campers, to set the standard for, and to achieve, the ideal in positive, successful, life-enriching interactions with every single child.

To Nurture

and endow young people with such a wealth of esteem for themselves, for humanity, and for the adventure and meaningful joy possible in life, that, entering the larger stage of adult community, they heal, repair, and enhance our world-at-large.