CIT Program

ILC’s ‘Counselors & Leaders In Training’ (CIT/LIT) Program is an exciting opportunity for ILC’s oldest campers to be able to have the fun camper experience while also building their resume by taking on responsibilities & contributing to the camp community. This is a program that blends being a camper with some added counselor training responsibilities and a leadership component. At the end of their weeks in the program, these CIT teens are formally evaluated to be considered as a potential staff member in the future.  CITs gain responsibility, practical experience in an activity area, leadership & teaching skills, service hours, & pride in their contributions. In addition to these experiential benefits, tuition for the CIT program comes at a discounted rate.

Program Details

Working one period a day at an area of their choice with a counselor or head of department to assist on running the activity. For all other periods, CITs continue to follow our non-traditional programming and atmosphere at camp by signing up for their own primes and dailies and participating in camp and evening activities.

  • Living in a bunk with other CITs – All CITs will have an 11:30 PM curfew
  • Serve food during meals and help to clean up the dining hall after meals
  • Participate in and help with evening activities and/or curfew time on Elkview with the younger campers
  • Support a younger camper in navigating ILC.
  • Opportunity to create their own CIT trip rather than attend the regular camp trips.

CITs will be formally evaluated by the kitchen manager, directors, head counselors and heads of departments – These evaluations are reviewed during the Fall after camp to assist the directors in choosing which CITs should join our ILC Staff.

Eligibility Requirements

To be a CIT for this summer, ILC community members must:

  • Attend ILC for a MINIMUM of 3 Weeks
  • Be 16-17 years old or going into US grades 11 or 12