Daily Schedule

8:30am Breakfast 4:45pm Rest Hour
9:15am Bunk Cleanup 6:00pm Dinner
10:00am 1st Prime 6:30pm Free Choice
11:15am 2nd Prime 7:30pm Canteen Elkview
12:30pm Lunch 7:45pm Evening Activity Lakeside
1:20pm 3rd Prime 8:15pm Evening Activity Elkview
2:35pm 1st Daily 9:00pm Canteen Lakeside
3:45pm 2nd Daily 9:30pm Bunk Curfews start by grade

ILC Terms Dictionary

Many of the terms we use may seem foreign to new campers. Below is a list and brief definition of some ILC terms that are associated with our scheduling:


Primes are the first three activity periods of the day. These are activities that campers do everyday, usually working toward culminating project, exhibition or performance finale to be shared on performance day. Campers choose their primes at dinner on the first Monday of each session. This is so they can use each activity period on Monday to check out the activities they may want to sign up for. Campers are not allowed to sign up for 3 primes in any one department. This is to encourage them to try a variety of activities. Campers are allowed to change their primes up until the first Wednesday night dinner of the session.


Dailies are the two afternoon activity periods of the day. These are activities that campers sign up for at Lunch to do that afternoon. There is a different daily sheet for every day so campers can sign up for different activities everyday.

Rest Hour

Rest hour is the hour before dinner where campers return to their bunks. This important hour allows campers to refresh, re-charge and connect with their counselors and bunkmates. Often campers read, relax, take naps, shower, chat, write letters,….Mail is also delivered to campers at their bunks at this time.

Free Choice

Free choice is the sixth and final activity period of the day. This occurs after dinner each night. Rather than fill out a sign up sheet, Dan will announce what is open during free choice at dinner and campers can decide which activity they would like to go to after that.


Canteen is a short time in the evening, either before or after EVAC, in which we open up our “Canteen” which sells pizza, snacks, and drinks to campers. Each camper can get a snack and drink for free each night.


EVAC stands for Evening Activity. This is the final group activity of the day. EVACs are designed for specific age groups. At times, Elkview and Lakeside will have their own specific EVACs. During each session, there are EVACs created for the entire camp community.


Curfew is the latest time at night campers must be in their bunks by. During the time between EVAC and curfew, campers can hang out with friends and wind down from the day.