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Investing in Leadership



At ILC, we are extremely proud of the sense of family, life-long friendships and connection to camp that develop during the summer year after year. This summer, we’re excited to introduce the newest additions to our management team. We have an extremely special group this year, as five of our new members are former campers and counselors from the early and mid ‘90s. Camp holds such a special place in their hearts that they’ve decided to come back for another summer almost 20 years later, showing that you can indeed come home again.

ILC is such an amazing place and we’re excited to welcome these incredible professionals, parents, teachers, leaders and genuinely amazing people into the fold. We know that Summer 2019 is going to be one of our greatest summers yet, because of the backgrounds and skills that these new members of our management team bring to the table. Here’s to investing in leadership and to a great summer 2019!


Born and raised in Chicago, River currently lives in Indianapolis. He has spent the past two years as a Health and PE teacher, as well as Athletic Director at a magnet school. River attended Butler University in Indianapolis, where he played baseball and was an impressive pitcher. River is stoked to be at ILC this summer and is looking forward to starting a new adventure and learning more about kids and being able to support them from a new perspective and view (outside of the classroom).

Kristi was born Lubbock, TX and now lives in Pembroke, MA with her husband and triplets! During the year, Kristi teaches fitness classes including POUND Fit and BARRE and is also on a few community boards. The daughter of a pro-football coach, Kristi is an avid supporter of athletics and has been to 6 Super Bowls! Kristi was a camper at ILC in ‘92 -‘93, and came back in ‘17 to support the infirmary and teach fitness. She’s excited to be back this summer as a Head Counselor, as to her, ILC is everything. ILC is a place of inclusivity and diversity and a place to help kids to continue to flourish in the things that they love and find new things to love.

Ethan was born in DC and raised in Bethesda, MD. His family has been in the camp industry for over 20 years, and Ethan attended Tyler Hill Camp for 5 years. He wholeheartedly believes that camp is the greatest gift that you can give a child and is excited for his first summer at ILC. Ethan currently lives in New York City and worked for Paradigm Talent Agency, where he built on his BFA in Musical Theater from the University of Miami. Ethan is a talented singer, Broadway aficionado and has seen over 200 Broadway shows. He is looking forward to making a difference in the lives of children and having a positive impact on their time at camp.

Born in Guatemala and the product of two peace corps parents, Matt grew up in Minneapolis MN. Matt currently lives in LA, where he is the founder of Moving Pictures Artists – a management and production company. He has worked for over 20 years in the talent development industry, working with such companies and talents as ABC, Disney Channel, Freeform, Hulu, Netflix, Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, Selena Gomez and Raven Symone. Matt attended ILC for the first time in 1995 as a bunk and theater counselor, where he formed lifelong friendships. Nothing gets him more fired up than teaching kids and he’s excited to be help kids on their path of finding personal success.

Alison was born and raised in Philadelphia, and currently lives in Lafayette, CO. She teaches Kindergarten and runs a lifestyle and portrait photography business. Alison attended CU Boulder and graduated from SUNY Binghamton, with a BA in history. She also holds a MA in Cross Cultural Education from National University in CA. Alison attended ILC in 90s as a camper and then as a counselor. For Alison, ILC has always been an escape from everyday life and it was a place where she could just be herself, try new things and meet new people. She’s looking forward to being back at camp so she can share her experience and fond memories of camp with other kids and her own children as well.

Originally from outside of Boston, MA, Jen currently lives in Pelham, NY. Jen attended Colgate University where she studied Elementary Education, Sociology and Anthropology. Jen currently works as a full-time mom and volunteers running an elementary school enrichment program that offers classes in art and science. She’s happy to be back at ILC and as a member of the management team this summer. As a camper, ILC was a place that really let Jen be herself. She’s thrilled to be able to share her experience with her own kids for their second year at camp and to create new opportunities for other kids.

Born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Jay is one of two catchers in the world who can catch a quadruple somersault on a flying trapeze. Coming from a full circus upbringing, Jay attended circus school in Rio for 4 years before graduating. His first job out of school was with the Marcos Frota Circo Show in Brazil, where he worked from 2004-2008. At Frota, he started practicing flying trapeze and started performing in 2009. He then moved to the Magic Circus of Samoa. He worked with Marcos Frota Circo Show from 2010-2015, before joining Ringling Bros. Circus in 2015, where he stayed until 2017. Jay first came to ILC in 2017 with his two children and wife.

Originally from southern NJ, Kennette attended ILC in ‘95 – ‘05 as a camper and  counselor. She attended UPenn and has a Masters of Science in Education. For the past 6 years, she has co-lead a high-performing charter school in Brooklyn, NY as the Director of Operations. Kennette couldn’t be more thrilled to be back at ILC this summer. She will be supporting the Camper Advocate and Head Counselor teams as well as supporting camp-wide systems. She is here to ensure that kids have the best experience possible at camp. ILC has remained one of her fondest memories and is so excited to be back and to be able share the camp experience with other kids.