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Tricia’s Thoughts

By Tricia

At a recent ACA camp conference,  I had the privilege of listening to the keynote speaker,  Sir Ken Robinson. His most recent book, Finding your Element, resonates with me as a grown up,  a parent and a camp director. As I guide, nurture and parent my children, I often get focused on how to help them learn what they will need to be successful in our world.  When I’m wearing my camp director hat, my focus turns to building a community, safety and fostering independence + growth. In hearing Sir Ken speak, and when reading his book,  I am reminded of how the camp experience at ILC allows kids and teens to explore and find where their “natural aptitude meets personal passion.”

At ILC,  we strive to help our campers find their “element” and,  as he explains in chapter 8, “find their tribe.” In Sir Kens words,  then “they can turn into their most authentic self, achieve at their highest levels,  and live their best lives.” Thank you for allowing your kids to learn and grow at ILC,  where we do offer opportunities for campers to find their element! As a parent and a camp director,  I am inspired!