ILC Stories

Lucas’ Story

Montclair, NJ

It’s truly an all in one experience. The program and staff don’t take shortcuts, they make sure everyone is having the best time ever and everything they do is to the benefit of the campers. What encapsulates the success of the camp the most is that even without taking those shortcuts, each and every camper’s individuality is taken into account to give them an awesome experience. I think this is why it’s so good at fostering individualism while maintaining the importance of being with your friends and mentors. Respect, Create, Understand, Challenge, and Nurture are all parts of the mission statement, and not a single one of them is left out: That’s what makes it so special.

Camp taught me how to connect with people, which, in our society is the #1 skill you need to make it. I will attribute 100% of the success I find later in life to this place.