ILC Stories

Talon’s Story


I felt as I went to ILC as a camper that I would feel safer and more supported at camp than any other place in the world. I would feel comfortable in my own skin and learn so much about people from across the world who I would not normally meet and make meaningful connections with them so that when I see them years later, we still can connect over an experience that shaped us as people. Without the nurturing environment at camp, I would definitely not be the same person I am today, and ILC has made me more of a community oriented person who is aware of others needs and is willing to support friends, no matter their background.

It is a place where everyone feeds off of each others energy and you energize others.

Currently I am studying music as a minor, all because I decided to pick up my first instrument at camp 8 years ago, and I am hopefully going to implement music in my professional career later in life. I also started to take fitness and running more seriously at camp, which made me comfortable with discomfort, and because of the challenges training at camp, I completed my first marathon.